With Lionsgate, real estate professionals can enjoy the benefits of our infrastructure, but remain on the entrepreneurial cutting edge. Success is about opportunity–and Lionsgate gives you more ways to stand out and creative revenue streams. Presenting, “Income Trifecta”.

Your Own Real Estate Production

  • The proverbial meat on the bone. This is where you make the big bucks, bring home the bacon, and otherwise come out a winner. Plug into our “Ready, Set, Go” marketing program derived from your personal archetype and dominate your goals!

Revenue Share On Loans

  • There are huge advantages to working under the corporate umbrella of a mortgage bank. But one of the biggest benefits is being able to legally get a taste of the refinance and purchase loans you introduce to the bank. Don’t leave money on the table–fully monetize your activities and your dbase.

Recruiting Residual

  • Our program allows you to revenue share with the Realtors you recruit! Can you imagine the power of recruiting a bunch of folks who are in it to win it? A little success here could be worth tens of thousands a year! Passive income? Check!