American Capital Corporation (est. 1994) has thrived as a mortgage
bank that is rooted in relational real estate purchase business. Industry orthodoxy has generally prescribed professional separation between the financing and transactional sides of the real estate equation. But we believe the time has come for that conventional wisdom to be challenged.

Lionsgate Real Estate Group combines real estate and lending under one roof. Our mission is to help future and current homeowners make the best decisions when buying and selling homes. Many Lionsgate Real Estate Group agents have licenses in real estate and lending. As a result, these “hybrid” agents can guide future home buyers more accurately through a real estate transaction.

The company is a partner of ACC Loans.  Due to the partnership between Lionsgate REG and ACC Loans, consumers can save money by reducing the cost of obtaining a home loan. Hybrid agents can use the proceeds of their commission to buy down the consumer’s interest rate. As a result, the borrower is also able to obtain a lower mortgage payment.

Finding Ways to save you money for over 24 years

Our goal is to help you move into your dream home. Lionsgate Hybrid Agents specialize in getting you the best financing the industry can offer.


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