Like a box of Chocolates

I often joke that choosing a real estate professional is like Forrest Gump’s box of chocolates – you never quite know what you’re going to get. Perhaps that is why so many people lean on personal connections and referrals for choosing an agent. At least then there is some basis to extend trust. Don’t get me wrong – I celebrate referrals and want to encourage them. However, there is another breed of agent that is worthy of your consideration – a Hybrid Agent.

A Hybrid Agent has to meet a professional higher standard because they have to go through the education, testing, and background checks to practice both real estate AND loans. This means that they not only have a passion for real estate, but they understand how it can be financed. If you will, they have to be fully right-brained and left-brained, instead of one or the other.

There are standalone real estate agents and standalone loan officers who are very good at what they do. But they can never see your needs as fully as a Hybrid Agent can – and they can never offer the array of solutions that a Hybrid Agent can. Standalone agents are inherently limited in what they can bring to the table.

So, when you’re trying to evaluate which agent has more professional chops to help you buy or sell a home, make sure you talk to a Hybrid Agent. We think you’ll be able to tell the difference right away in the breadth of their questions and insights. Don’t take an unnecessary chance on a piece of real estate chocolate that is nasty. Take the proven route with a Hybrid Agent.

Brett Bonecutter



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