What is a Hybrid Agent and should you consider one?

In this blog post Brett Bonecutter, executive director at Lionsgate Real Estate Group, explains exactly what they are and why they are your best option next time you need help from a real estate professional.


When you’re preparing to buy a home you have a lot of decisions to wrestle with. What is your total housing budget and how big of a home do you need? What neighborhoods and areas will you focus on? 


Those questions are fundamental, but there may be an even bigger set of questions. Most importantly, which professionals will you use to guide you through the jungle of the real estate and loan process? Who should you choose as your Realtor or your mortgage loan consultant?


Now I’ve got some good news and bad news. The good news is that you have a lot of agents to choose from and the bad news is that you have a lot of agents to choose from! How can you discern which Realtor or mortgage loan consultant will bring the most value and the greatest advantage to you?


We have a unique approach to the real estate business to help you answer that question. We’ve actually combined the Realtor and Loan Officer roles into what we call a Hybrid Agent. A Hybrid Agent is licensed to do both real estate and loans – and has support teams for both areas. They’ve gone the extra mile to get more education and more licensing so they can bring more value to you, the consumer.


Hybrid Agent Advantages

  1. CONVENIENCE: You don’t have to deal with two different agents who work for different companies. A Hybrid Agent handles everything for you. Communication is faster and problems are resolved more easily.


  1. CONSULTATION: Also Hybrid Agents have more tools in their toolbag. They see you and your needs in 3D – not just one-dimensionally like a standalone Realtor or standalone loan officer would. By having direct access to dozens of investors and financial products, they bring more options and creative solutions to the table.


  1. CASH: Another advantage is that Hybrid Agents use part of their real estate commission to help give you a better mortgage. This is more than a discount – this is an intelligent application of resources to your financial structure. As a result, no standalone Realtor or standalone loan officer can make you that offer.


In conclusion, next time you make an agent selection to represent you, go with a Hybrid Agent. It will save you headaches and a lot of money. This video talks more about Hybrid Agents and goes into some of the benefits in more detail.

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