The Pros and Cons of Open Houses

We’re getting closer and closer to Trump’s official Inauguration. On January 20th all the traditional pomp and circumstance will be on full display as President-elect Trump becomes President Trump. There will be parades, performances and Presidential Balls as Trump, his family and entourage make multiple public appearances will into the night.

These events put on their very best and decorated to the utmost to reflect the importance this traditional transfer of power. As it relates to your own home, do you put on your very best when you prepare your home for an open house? Or further, should you even have an open house?

Pros. Having an open house is like having a party. Your home is professionally cleaned and uncluttered and marketed in the multiple listing service. When you have an open house event, buyer’s agents will bring qualified buyers directly to your home for a visit.

Your agent will put together a successful open house with announcements, flyers and even balloons attached to your “For Sale” sign. It’s show-time and your house has the starring role.

Open houses are typically staged over the weekend and most often on a Sunday when most are off for the weekend. Agents will list the open houses that are showing and bring their clients to your home.

For a brand new open house showing, you might expect to see more buyers than you thought you would see all within a three to four hour period. The advantage with your open house is all marketing.

Cons. There are those that don’t employ the services of a real estate agent and are “open house addicts” who travel around the area snooping into other people’s homes wondering what’s inside.

Of course, there are some serious shoppers who search for real estate on your own but you don’t know if they’re qualified. Next, your agent won’t want you at your own showing. The agent takes charge of the event and your job is to go to a movie or something.

Second, virtual tours using the latest technology can replace a traditional open house and is essentially an open house 24/7. Buyers can view the virtual tour to decide whether or not to do a bit more research and visit your home personally without having to prepare for a physical open house on a weekend.

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