10 Tips to Effectively Stage Your Home-A Little Goes a Long Way

The classic rocker Alice Cooper is currently on tour. Whether you like the music or not, he is known for an all-out presentation. Stage props, fire, animation. In one of his earlier tours he stuck his head in a guillotine. The visuals helped overshadow the music, we guess.  Presentation is everything but when staging a home, there’s no need to go all Alice Cooper on us. Here are some basic, easy to do staging tips that will help sell your home faster at the price you really want.

1: First Look. This is what your home looks like from the street when potential buyers stop and stare. It’s curb appeal. Mow the lawn, trim the hedges and clear up the clutter. A fresh coat of paint is a most excellent choice, too.

2: Bright Lights. Turn on the lights and open the drapes. You want a shining home, not a dull one. That means taking the extra steps of replacing your light bulbs with a higher wattage.

3: Elbow Grease. Hire some extra help and pull out the cleaning supplies. Really scrub those counters and clean the floors. Don’t forget to check for those little dust bunnies that hide under beds and on light fixtures.

4: Go Ahead, Get Floored. Make those wood floors shine and steam clean the carpets. Are there carpet stains that just won’t come out? Think about new carpeting. Relatively inexpensive and makes a huge impact.

5: And Speaking of Paint. The lowest cost staging with the greatest impact is a fresh coat of paint. And this is something you can do yourself.

6: Clutter Clearance. Clear your shelves. Hide away knick-knacks and store those family photos. Your bathroom should look like it’s in a hotel. Clear everything away.

7: Wide Open, Baby. Store some of that extra furniture anywhere but inside your house. You want wide open spaces to let potential buyers imagine their own furnishings inside your home.

8: Back Off. Once you get rid of extra furnishings, group together your furniture and move them off of the walls and around the center of the room. This little trick actually makes the room look larger, not the other way around.

9: Cabinet Crazy. The kitchen will get extra attention and if you don’t want to spend the extra dough on new appliances, a cheap hack is to buy new hardware. Remove old drawer and cabinet handles with shiny new ones.

  1. Grand Illusion. Here’s a trick professional home stagers use- to make a room look bigger and create flow, paint it the same color as an adjacent room. It’s a seamless statement and works so well it’s an optical illusion.

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