There are dozens of inexpensive improvements you can make to improve your home’s curb appeal. Adding curb appeal to your property makes it easier to sell and also gives your house that finished look that you can take pride in. When you are deciding on which upgrades to make, consider these tips that will improve curb appeal but won’t break your budget:

Paint the Front Door, Door Frame, Trim or Shutters

Exterior paint will only cost you around $30 a gallon. Painting the front door and features on your home will add some brightness and give it life. Choose a bold color that will make your house stick out, and make sure to match it to the rest of the colors on your house. If you are having trouble picking a color, the app Front Door Paint gives you a preview of what your home will look like with the new door.

Edge The Driveway

Creating a border along the driveway gives it a crisp, elegant look. Edging materials such as bricks, stone, or a combination of the two, bring a boring asphalt slab to life with color, texture, and decorative designs. The edging can be level with the driveway or elevated to prevent people from driving onto your lawn.

Upgrade Your Mailbox

Adding a new mailbox or upgrading your current one can instantly improve your home’s curb appeal. There are many different styles available now to match your home, and you can get them usually starting around $20. This a very inexpensive project that should only take an hour or two and you will immediately see the impact on your home’s curb appeal.

Replace Exterior Lighting

When you are buying new exterior light fixtures, consider both the style of your home and the function of the lights. You want them to look nice, light up your entryway, and make it safer. Look for lights that have the same mounting system as the ones you currently have to save some time. Exterior light fixtures can be found anywhere from $20 and up. Check salvage shops, you might be able to find vintage lighting to match the look of your home.

Install New House Numbers

If your house has old, faded numbers on it, get some new ones to spruce up the curb appeal. Match your numbers with the finish on your exterior light fixtures. Simple house numbers can start at $2.00 for a number or you can look into customized plaques that can cost $50-$100.

Plant Trees

Planting a tree is one of the easiest and most common ways to add curb appeal to your house. When choosing the type of tree and where you are putting it, consider how big the tree will get and how it will affect your house. If you have enough space, plant two trees to frame your house or your entryway.

Install Flower Boxes

If your house is lacking color, adding flower boxes is a great solution. They look nice on the front porch railings and below windows. You can purchase window boxes for very little or you can make them yourself pretty easily. Just remember, you have to maintain the flowers to actually add curb appeal.

Spruce up Porch

Adding plants to your porch or entryway is an excellent way to improve curb appeal. There are many different options for any home style. One option is to add layers of potted plants to add some dimension. Other options, if you have limited space, are hanging plants or vertical planters. Another great idea is adding fresh furniture. A pair of matching rockers, or a cozy glider is a must when you have a front porch that is visible from the street.

Pressure Wash Everything

You can pressure wash bricks, wood decking, concrete, stucco, windows, vinyl, metal, plastic garbage cans, and grills. Everything looks better with a little hard scrub and renting a pressure washer for a couple hours is relatively inexpensive.

Cut Back Trees and Hedges

It doesn’t matter how attractive your home is if no one can see it. Trees, branches, and shrubs can obscure your home’s features and make it seem dark and uninviting. Also, trees that bump against your house can damage it, limit the amount of direct sunlight you receive, and offer an entryway for animals.

Refresh Garage Door

Your garage door is one of the first things people see so making sure it is clean and updated is crucial. Just renting a pressure washer and cleaning it off can make a huge difference. Other inexpensive ideas include giving it a wood stain for a more rustic look, or DIY projects like these.

Fix Up Side Yard

Often times we forget about our side yards, but if they are visible at all from the street, they will play a big part in your home’s curb appeal. Camouflage an eyesore like an AC unit or garbage cans with attractive fencing. Also clear out any weeds and lay out a neat path to the backyard.


These tips should help add some curb appeal to your home and at the same time won’t cost you a fortune. If you have any other great tips please share!



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