The Female Home Buyer

The Female Home Buyer

You may not have noticed, but the so-called “hipster” trend may be coming to an end. If you aren’t a hipster and don’t know what one is, a hipster is considered a subculture made up primarily of middle class youth associated with indie and alternative lifestyles.

It’s easier to spot a male hipster because one of the striking characteristics is the rough, full beard as well as clothes that look as if they’re from a thrift shop. Female hipsters of course don’t have the beard but do follow the same clothing styles. But while hipsters may soon leave the fashion scene, female home buyers are just getting warmed up.



Married couples make up the largest single group of home buyers but not far behind are single women. Recent data shows that married couples comprise more than 54 percent of home buyers with single women following up with 18 percent. Unmarried couples are at 15 percent and single men 11.

These percentages are dynamic but are generally in this range. So what do single women need to know when buying a home?

First, mortgage lenders treat your mortgage application in the very same way as they evaluate a married couple buying a home together. The lender will review your income, assets and credit report in the very same fashion as any other class of borrower.

Next, speak with a loan officer before you go shopping for a home. By completing an initial loan application and supporting documentation your lender can give you a range of loan amounts you may qualify for based upon your down payment, income and current monthly credit obligations.

After this review, you will receive your pre-approval letter which your real estate agent will submit along with your offer.

One last important piece of advice is to not “fly solo” during this process. Work closely with your loan officer who can also provide a list of real estate agents that can help you find the right house and negotiate your best deal.