I Can Haz Solar?

Memes. You’ve probably seen them, laughed at them, and shared them with friends. Of course, as with most things, there’s the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to memes. But when they’re good, they turn a sometimes ordinary photograph into something that is often both insightful and cleverly hilarious.

In a similar way, when you add solar panels to your house you can turn an ordinary home into a money saving power plant. But are solar panels right for everyone.

Here are a few pros and cons you can ponder.

Pros: The greatest impact is your electricity bill. Not only will you save money each month you can even save so much the electricity company can actually pay you for energy your panels have generated but you don’t use.

Solar panels make zero noise. There is no turbine that turns or wheels that spin annoying both you and your neighbors.

Solar panels can be used anywhere. In rural areas, it takes quite a bit of effort and cost to bring electricity to a remote area.

It’s green. There is no coal-powered plant involved.

Cons: They’re a bit on the expensive side to install but you can compare the cost of installation with how much you’ll save on electricity over time. In most places panels pay for themselves.

It is called solar for a reason. If there is no sunlight, there is no energy produced. That means during cloudy days, storms and at nightfall.

You can store the excess energy but the storage batteries are still relatively expensive.

You’ll need to properly maintain the panels which means keeping the panels free from debris and dust. During a heavy storm or hail, panels can break and will need to be replaced.