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Apr 4 Benefits of Buying in a Seller’s Market

Have you seen the most recent addition to the King Kong series? If you’re a science fiction fan or have seen every King Kong movie ever made.

Oct 28 Are Pools Worth It?
Appraisals, Outdoor Spaces

Do Pools Add Value to Home Appraisals? What makes something worth more to one person and not so much another? You might ask the Peanuts character Linus.  It’s Halloween and the all-time classic “It’s the Great Pumpkin” is set to visit our screens. You all know the story, while everyone else is out trick-or-treating, Linus […]

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Dec 28 Outdoor Living Spaces
Outdoor Spaces

Extend your functional square footage outdoors   All too often we lose sight of the fact that our outdoor spaces can function like another room of the house. Granted, it won’t be counted towards the square footage of your house in a technical sense. But smart planning can create another living space for your family […]

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