Best Online Interior Design Resources

Don't be intimidated by home design

Some people seem to have a special gift for home design... and some clearly need a little help. From color palettes, furniture choices, layout and wall coverings - there is a lot think about. Thankfully we live in an age that makes some wonderful tools available. Here are the top sites we like to go to for design help:

  1. Pinterest - start your own board by "pinning" photos of the looks you like
  2. Houzz - search different styles and save them to your profile.
  3. BigHugeLabs - upload a picture to get the corresponding color palette.
  4. HomeStyler - do room layouts without all the heavy-lifting
  5. Interior Design Tutor - need some training? Look no further...
  6. HGTV - you're already addicted to the channel, why not use their site too?