Pools add value to home appraisals

Don’t shy away from homes with pools

  Not everyone aspires to having a pool in their backyard and that’s okay. But make no mistake, they do make a home more valuable. In fact, for the average home in California, a pool can add anywhere from $30,000 to $50,000 more to an appraised value. This is simply a function of market demand. If people are comparing two roughly comparable homes, they will almost always choose the one with a pool. This can be a concern for young parents who don’t want to live with the danger of a freak accident or drowning. But instead of crossing a home that has a pool off your list, consider buying a pool fence or cover. Without spending a fortune, you can protect your family and still enjoy a home with greater recreational possibilities and resale value. Here are a few good options to consider if you need a fence:    

Best Online Interior Design Resources

Don’t be intimidated by home design

Some people seem to have a special gift for home design… and some clearly need a little help. From color palettes, furniture choices, layout and wall coverings – there is a lot think about. Thankfully we live in an age that makes some wonderful tools available. Here are the top sites we like to go to for design help:
  1. Pinterest – start your own board by “pinning” photos of the looks you like
  2. Houzz – search different styles and save them to your profile.
  3. BigHugeLabs – upload a picture to get the corresponding color palette.
  4. HomeStyler – do room layouts without all the heavy-lifting
  5. Interior Design Tutor – need some training? Look no further…
  6. HGTV – you’re already addicted to the channel, why not use their site too?

Outdoor Living Spaces

Extend your functional square footage outdoors

  All too often we lose sight of the fact that our outdoor spaces can function like another room of the house. Granted, it won’t be counted towards the square footage of your house in a technical sense. But smart planning can create another living space for your family and guests. Here are a few elements to think about when putting the space together:
  • Furniture – provide something comfortable to sit on. Make it a place where someone can easily curl up and read a book or sit down for a long chat.
  • Plants / Color – think of your outdoor space as a palette with main colors and accent colors. The magic of this particular photo is the red accent from the flowers. The space wouldn’t be the same without it.
  • Lighting – you wouldn’t have a room without some kind of lighting and again, this is an outdoor room. What will provide light when it is dark?
  • Focal Point – are you looking out to the yard, the horizon, a firepit? What is the scene you are framing? There’s no window, but your layout will create a picture. Create it well.